Making it Easy for Agents​ to Win!

At Sellstate Millennium Realty we believe the best way to grow a great company is by offering the best solutions and services in the market. Our entire business model has been built with an “Agents-First” mentality. Our mission is to provide so much value and support in all aspects of your business that the 93% commission becomes the icing on the cake.

When you talk with our team, you’ll quickly realize that our business is built on providing the best training, best support, and best service imaginable. We're constantly innovating and finding new resources that help our agents take their business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you and your business.

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About Me...

My name is Jonathan Benn a.k.a. “The Real Estate Marketing Pro”. Being in the real estate industry for close to twenty years, I’ve seen a lot. Some good, and some bad. Chief among the things I’ve learned is that to thrive, a Realtor needs to be supported by their brokerage. Sadly, the brokerages I’ve known fall short of this goal. The reality is they aren’t invested in my success, only theirs. I couldn’t find a brokerage dedicated to their agents, so I’ve created one!

Not Fun-Fact: Nearly 9 out of 10 Realtors leave the industry within five years of entering it. Why? Because their Brokerage failed them! Simply stated: Real Estate is a business. If you’re not given the right business plan, plan on being out of business!

My passion is helping Realtors succeed in building their business. I won’t give tired old broker advice like “Make 100 cold calls a day” or “Knock on 50 doors”. Instead, I’ll provide you with a complete business platform that will train you to become a better marketer and teach you how to elevate your level of service to your clients. I provide the blueprint to establish your brand and build an audience of raving fans that send you referrals and repeat business. My single-minded goal is this: To make it easy for Realtors to win!